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Doller is a North London recording artist, entrepreneur and MC who has made waves in the grime industry since he started out as a youngster growing up in Lower Edmonton, London. A passionate and driven artist, Doller draws inspiration from a musical family and a tough upbringing which have moulded him into the artist and the man that he is today.

Raised by his mother in Edmonton, he grew up with his very own uncle being a dancehall MC by the name of Flash and his father being a reggae singer going by the name Kush Tafari. Applying this talent to his own street environment, Doller soon became infatuated with grime and started expressing himself through music, writing about his experiences and life with his distinctive flow, multisyllabic rhymes and in depth musical concepts, drawing inspiration from the likes of Wiley, Biggie, Vybz Kartel, 50 Cent and Nasty Crew. Developing his skills at an early age with his crew Cold Blooded, Doller realised his passion for MCing as he also realised that it was going to take a lot of hard work to be noticed in the grime scene, especially in North London. Hard work paid off when Doller first received major publicity after being featured on MTV Base night spot adverts alongside a plethora of other grime MCs. The song “Doller – Bounces Road” made BBC News and led to features on Logan Sama’s Kiss 100 radio show, allowing the opportunity for Doller to work closely with grime crew The Movement as he pushed himself as an individual and as an artist as he worked to develop a reputation and firmly cement his place in the grime scene.

Doller raps about what he sees and what he knows, with topics ranging from his upbringing and the cycle of street culture to gaining money, success and of course his appreciation for females. He switches between the genres to deliver his message in a unique, authentic and intense way, boasting creative song structures, in depth raw lyricism delivered with a unique voice and musical arrangements that cross over between hip hop, rap, grime and dancehall.

January 2011, Doller released The Art of Rhyming, sharing the airwaves with some of the most recognised and well respected names in hip hop and grime. The mixtape “From A Hustler 2 My Hustler Vol 2″ was a very successful release for Doller, providing an inspirational musical piece created to inspire the proactive mind in what he calls The Go Getters Theory, designed for an audience who likes raw, uncut music they want to hear in amongst their favourite artists, created to inspire those around him sharing a similar situation to him. From A Hustler 2 My Hustler Vol 2’s lead single “My Stripper” was placed on the A-list of one of London’s leading radio stations Bang Radio, and in 2011 the track “Skadoosh” was released by Ghetts and featured Maxsta And Doller, going on to be a channel aka smash as well as being featured on and playing a big part in the “Sket” movie soundtrack.

As well as numerous successful releases and airtime on some of the most respected channels in the industry, Doller has performed at a range of some of the most well known venues in the UK. From Indigo 02 to headlining Sho Off Events, Doller has also performed at Crystal Palace National Sports centre, Olympic park Copper Box, Go Getters Fashion Show, Sunday Show Leicester Square, Chill London, Art Meets Music, Doller-Bruts-Beenie G Show and Lovebox, the huge underage festival in London.

2015 promises to be a huge year for Doller, with his achievements helping to create a brilliant platform to promote his upcoming new album “49th Law of Power – Power Of The Doller” which promises to be Doller’s most accomplished release to date.


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Doller – Done The Dance (Feat. Kai Ryder)


Doller – Done The Dance (Feat. Kai Ryder) [Single]


Doller – From A Hustler 2 My Hustlers Vol.2


Doller – My Stripper


Doller – Gyal Love We [EP]


Doller – Light It Up [Single]


Doller – Light It Up


Doller – De Ja Vu (Feat. Benny Bizzie) [Single]


Doller – De Ja Vu (Feat. Benny Bizzie)


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